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I am a Florida based artist (and mom of four!), who expresses herself through digital & acrylic painting. I graduated from Ringling College in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts, painting.  

I make paintings, digital and acrylic on canvas, as a way to voice my heart, entertain my mind, and to escape the pressures of adult life. Most of my work is surreal and personal, sometimes erotic, or low brow. I explore the connection of human nature and how it fits in with the more natural world around us. Looking within at our relationships with our human bodies and hearts. As I seek to make sense of this, I pour in a lot of my own passion and emotion that comes from being a woman and a mother.


My art is a huge chunk of my heart and soul and I appreciate you all for coming to check it out! 

Jillian Mae
Jillian Mae

Buy my art on Artsy, available via Shockboxx Gallery:

Upcoming group shows in May 2022:

Shockboxx Gallery | Hermosa Beach, California

Brassworks Gallery | Portland, Oregon

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