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I am a Florida based artist, who expresses herself through digital & acrylic painting. I graduated from Ringling College in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts, painting. I’ve recently started back up painting after having my 3 children, and hope to keep it up as I soon welcome my fourth child into the world.  


I make paintings, digital and acrylic on canvas, as a way to voice my heart, entertain my mind, and to escape the pressures of adult life. Most of my work is surreal and personal, sometimes erotic, satirical or psychedelic. I explore the the connection of human nature and how it fits in with the more natural world around us. Looking within at our relationships with our human bodies and hearts. As I seek to make sense of this, I pour in a lot of my own passion and emotion that comes from being a woman and a mother.


My art is a huge chunk of my heart and soul and I appreciate you all for coming to check it out! 

Jillian Mae
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