Copyright 2020 Jillian Mae ART

Hello! Thanks for checking out my artwork! I am a Florida based artist, I graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts. I am also a Mom to 3 tiny artists ages 2-8yrs. My style is surrealism melted into abstract. Inspired by nature, imagination and sometimes disaster. When I start a painting I pretty much never know what I'm going to paint. It starts with a color and a feeling, and I let it evolve like lucid dream. I'm drawn to the color and fluidity of abstract but my mind is always wandering into a world of its own. I use collage to make the world come to life on my canvas. I hope you feel curious and inspired looking at my work.


I have many small canvases and prints available for under $50. As well as larger canvases available for $200 and up. I also am open for commissions and mural work. All proceeds go to feeding my tiny artists and more art supplies! My art is a huge chunk of my heart and soul and I appreciate you all for coming to check it out! Peace.